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Moving Update & Clare’s New Farmhouse Room


We’ve been so busy I don’t even know where to begin! This is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down with my laptop in almost a week. Moving went great! We’re starting to get settled in and unpacked. We also had our first day of work today. I was able to seed lettuce plants for a solid four hours while Clare went back and forth between Rob and I. I feel very lucky to have such an easygoing little girl because I’ll probably be able to bring her to work with me most days! Most moms know how hard it is to balance work and parenting, so the rarity of that opportunity is not lost on me. I feel very grateful.

Sunny Window Seat

I think the move was a little bit confusing and stressful for Clare, so my first priority upon moving into the house was to get her room completely set up so that she would have a little place where she feels safe and secure. Her little room was sort of unfinished when we moved in, with untreated wood paneling on the walls and cut carpet laying on the floor. The first thing on the list was painting, which was quite a task! The paneling was like a sponge, soaking up all the paint and primer, so it took several coats to get it covered. It was worth it, though, because the results were amazing!

Sunny Window Seat


Sunny Window Seat

Isn’t that incredible? It went from being a dark, tiny room, to seeming huge and bright!

This window seat is like a childhood dream come true for me. I always loved the idea of having a little nook where I could read or daydream while I looked out the window. I drew a lot of inspiration from these window seats that I featured a couple weeks ago. Clare’s favorite feature is definitely the curtains. She was literally squealing delight when she realized that she could close them and hide behind them.

Sunny Window Seat


A friend of mine got these Ikea spice racks for her daughter’s room, and I totally stole the idea for Clare’s little nook. I love that the books are front-facing and just within Clare’s reach to encourage lots of reading.


Sunny Window Seat clares room 005


I got this adorable graphic pillow cover on Etsy from CushionMax. I thought it would be perfect for Clare’s sunny little nook.


Sunny Window Seat


I put together this gallery wall with some painted dollar store frames, embroidery hoops that I put scrap fabric in, and some cute prints.


Sunny Window Seat


I love these cube shelves for storage! They look nice and keep all of her toys so organized.

Sunny Window Seat


Clare is a very lucky little girl because she gets the best views in the house out of her windows.

Sunny Window Seat clares room 011


I love that she can look out the window in the morning and see goats and llamas!

I still have a lot of unpacking to do, but I will update soon with pictures of what we’re up to on the farm. The aqauponics system is doing great! We were able to eat freshly harvested baby romaine lettuce the other day. Fresh, organic produce in February in Colorado! It is really amazing and I can’t wait to learn more about how it all works.

Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday!


Author: Farm Fresh Mama

I am the proud mama of a beautiful, hilarious little girl and the proud partner of a kind, smart man. The three of us have decided to make a major lifestyle change and move from Fort Collins, CO to an organic farm in southwest Colorado. We hope that by being surrounded by nature's beauty and working with our hands, we will be reminded daily that the simplest things in life are the most important. I learn big and small lessons every day, and I want to share what I've learned with other families.

14 thoughts on “Moving Update & Clare’s New Farmhouse Room

  1. It’s lovely! So cozy.

  2. I love it. I recently posted about my daughter’s nursery remodel, so I totally relate to the whole moving/renovating thing. I love the spice rack holder idea and I need to somehow incorporate it into the playroom remodel.

  3. I love your daughter’s new room, it’s so fresh and bright. What a a wonderful journey you and your family are embarking on. It’s great to teach your little one that the little and simple things matter the most. Have a great week and thank you for linking up at MaMade Blog Hop!

  4. That really looks great, and I hope she’s enjoying it.

  5. Gorgeous! Love the reading nook!

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  9. The room makeover looks great. I always find it interesting how much a room can be darkened by the presence of wood paneling.

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