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Farm Fresh Friday: Week One


I’ve decided that every Friday I will write about the highlights and important events of the week. This was our first week on the job, so I have a lot to share!

A highlight for me this week was discovering that I can bring Clare to work with me! I wasn’t sure how much I was going to be able to contribute to the farm, but it looks like I will be able to work at least for half the day everyday. Clare has been so patient and seems to be really interested in everything that we’re doing on the farm. She gets bored occasionally, but I just make sure to pack a little bag with snacks and activities. Her favorite thing is splashing around in the troughs in the greenhouse. Everything is a sensory table on a farm! And after next week, the other little girl that lives on the farm will be back from vacation and Clare will have a playmate. They got along great when we came to visit last month.

We feel lucky to be able to share moments like this with Clare during the work day:

Farm Fresh Friday

Rob has been working hard this week to get the website ready for the upcoming CSA season. I’m going to have him do a guest post soon to explain CSAs and MSAs and why they’re so great!

I’ve been learning the basics of the aquaponics system. There is so much to learn! Bradi, our co-worker and housemate (and friend), described working in aquaponics as being like a scientist in the lab. We check the pH, oxygen levels, and nitrites & nitrates every morning in the fish tanks to make sure that everything is balanced. Aquaponics is a very delicate system in which the fish and plants exist in a mutually beneficial environment. We have to make sure that both the fish and the plants are happy and healthy! Bradi has become incredibly knowledgeable in aquaponics in a very short amount of time and is teaching me so much.

Speaking of Bradi, it was her birthday this week! Moving was so hectic, but Clare and I managed to put together a little banner for her.
Farm Fresh Friday

Day 3 Chimney Rock 005

Day 3 Chimney Rock 006

My main duty this week was seeding and transplanting plants for the aquaponics system.

First we plant the seeds in these trays.

Farm Fresh Friday

When the plants are big enough, we transplant them into these rafts,

Farm Fresh Friday

which are then placed in troughs in the greenhouse.

Farm Fresh Friday Chimney Rock 1st Week 009

We finished filling the first trough this week and will probably fill the second one by early next week!

One of my favorite parts of this week was when all the staff got together to herd the sheep and llamas to a different field. I had no idea that llamas could run so fast! They looked so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was sort of a surreal moment in which I though to myself “wow, I really live on a farm!”

Farm Fresh Friday




Author: Farm Fresh Mama

I am the proud mama of a beautiful, hilarious little girl and the proud partner of a kind, smart man. The three of us have decided to make a major lifestyle change and move from Fort Collins, CO to an organic farm in southwest Colorado. We hope that by being surrounded by nature's beauty and working with our hands, we will be reminded daily that the simplest things in life are the most important. I learn big and small lessons every day, and I want to share what I've learned with other families.

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Friday: Week One

  1. I want a garden and a Llama or Alpaca! I am a closet homesteader! I dream about it!

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