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Vinyl Storage

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Colorful Record Shelf Makeover

Vinyl Storage

Rob was so excited to move into our new (bigger) house, because he finally has room to store all of his vinyl! At our tiny old house, he had to keep all of his records in the garage. Definitely not ideal. The shelf that he uses to store all of his records was pretty beat up, so he gave it to me to pretty up this weekend!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I was able to hang out on the front porch and work on it all afternoon.

As you can see, it was pretty dingy and banged up. Continue reading



15 Minute Dollar Store Mirror Makeover

15 Minute Dollar Store Mirror Makeover

It’s officially 6 days until we move to the farm! I’ve been packing, packing, packing all week and there’s still so much to do, but when I saw this sad little dollar store mirror that I bought long, long ago, inspiration struck and I decided to give it a makeover! It was the perfect break from the stress of moving.

Even though pretty much everything is in boxes, I made sure that my crafts stuff is accessible. (You never know when inspiration might strike. Example: Continue reading


Pinterest Roundup: 5 Pretty Window Seats

Moving is super stressful (you do not want to see my house right now), but my favorite part is getting to the new place and making it a home. Right now, I’m getting really excited about getting Clare’s room set up and pretty. Her room in the cabin is unfinished right now, so I’ll  have a blank slate to work with. My favorite feature of her new sunny little room is the built in chest right under a window that I plan to transform into a girly, cozy window seat. What little girl doesn’t want a window seat? I always did as a kid. What a perfect place to sit and read a book or daydream!

Here’s some of the inspiration I’ve been finding on Pinterest:

1. I love the mix of prints in a pretty pink and purple palette in this gorgeous room.

5 Pretty Window Seats - Farm Fresh Family

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