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Moving Update & Clare’s New Farmhouse Room

We’ve been so busy I don’t even know where to begin! This is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down with my laptop in almost a week. Moving went great! We’re starting to get settled in and unpacked. We also had our first day of work today. I was able to seed lettuce plants for a solid four hours while Clare went back and forth between Rob and I. I feel very lucky to have such an easygoing little girl because I’ll probably be able to bring her to work with me most days! Most moms know how hard it is to balance work and parenting, so the rarity of that opportunity is not lost on me. I feel very grateful.

Sunny Window Seat

I think the move was a little bit confusing and stressful for Clare, so my first priority upon moving into the house was to get her room completely set up so that she would have a little place where she feels safe and secure. Her little room was sort of unfinished when we moved in, with untreated wood paneling on the walls and cut carpet laying on the floor. The first thing on the list was Continue reading



Clare’s first movie….and other favorite firsts.


Sorry for the poor image quality. Terrible cellphone camera.

Tonight Rob and I decided to be super brave and take Clare to the movie theater for the very first time. We’ve been terrified to do it, but I’ve heard such wonderful things about Frozen¬†that I thought it would be the perfect first movie. I was right. Obviously, if you’ve seen Frozen,¬†you know what a magical and special movie it is. Clare was entranced (I’d say from beginning to end, but she did get distracted a couple times.) The only rough spot of the night was when we left the theater. When she realized that this amazing experience was over, she lost it, and screamed “Mooooooovie!!!!!!!!!! Mooooooviiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!!” Continue reading


Looking forward to life on the farm.


We sure are a lucky trio of people. After making it through a “transitional” year, in which my partner and I both started new jobs that paid the bills (barely), but didn’t exactly inspire us, we were offered a very special opportunity. Our dear friends, Calvin and Bradi, moved to Southwest Colorado last year to work on an organic farm, called Chimney Rock Farms. I followed their journey on Facebook all year and felt so happy for our friends! They really seemed to love their new life. So of course, we felt very honored and surprised when they came to us in October and told us that the farm could use our help. Continue reading